The key personnel of all departments of the company have been working in this industry for more than ten years. They have completed tens of thousands of sets of various types of molds and various parts and components from their hands, bringing value to the world-famous brand packaging including Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. We have enough comprehensive knowledge, technology and experience to provide customers with one-step and reassuring services according to their needs. Our services include bottle design, mold design, parts mapping and equipment field debugging. If you need, please feel free to contact us!

Bottle design

According to the customer's idea, or participate in the customer's market survey, give the customer the feasibility of the bottle type from the professional perspective of the PET packaging container. Guide or help customers design bottle shapes.

mould design

Based on the customer's bottle design and the model used, the mold design is carried out by understanding the customer's machine usage environment to make the mold fully play its role.

Test items

Baijinyi can provide PET container performance testing projects, equipped with professional testing equipment and experienced testing personnel, which can provide customers with pre-production reliability testing. In addition, a pair of molds and parts of Baijin have strict inspection to ensure that the accuracy of each part is within the required tolerance range, thereby ensuring the precision of the mold.

On site commissioning of equipment

Baijinyi has experienced R&D engineers and application engineers, and can quickly provide technical support, including mold debugging, product process debugging, and technical consulting on customer products related to the failure of PET container packaging on the market.

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